Woozy Blossom (Platabus nebulosus)

Photo: Margaret Fox

Steel, mist, copper
16’ x 9’ x 9’ (variable)

Metalab Studio, Houston, TX, 2016-present
Houston AIA Center, Houston, TX, 2012
San Jacinto Plaza, El Paso, TX, 2012
Vero Beach Museum, Vero Beach, FL, 2011
Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY, 2010

Commissioned by: Katonah Museum of Art & Creative Capital

This temporary portable fountain—a sixteen-foot tall perforated steel tree—produces a continuous fog, inviting visitors to be engulfed in its midst and revel in its cool, moist air. The fog is in a constant state of flux, sensitive to the slightest changes in wind, temperature, and humidity. Simultaneously eerie, unexpected, and playful, Woozy Blossom transforms its site into an ever-changing, otherworldly environment.

Metalab, Houston, TX


LINK TO LOCATION (navigate on map to find red map maker) - Metalab Studio, 20 N Sampson Street, Houston, TX 77003


Katonah Museum of Art, Katonh, NY


San Jacinto Plaza, El Paso, TX


Vero Beach Museum, Vero Beach, FL