Whether you love me or not

July 11 – August 28, 2005
Mist, rubber, stainless steel, pump
Dimensions variable
Location & Comissioned by: Wave Hill, Bronx, NY
Exhibition: Meteorological Phenomena
Curator: Jennifer McGregor, Wave Hill Director of Arts & Senior Curator

Fog and rubber augment the existing and perhaps never quite completed terrace adjacent to the lower lawn and overlooking the Hudson River, creating a mix of romance and mayhem often associated with the weather. Located in an area that can be hot and uncomfortable during the summer, the platform is perched on the roof of what is now the ecology building and was formerly part of the estate's gym, enclosed by a muscular balustrade. Whether or not you love me introduces traces of activity, oddly colored puddles, and of course the intermittent fog, making an awkward site potentially habitable. The density of fog, and the temperature will change depending on the weather, offering respite from the heat.