Greenway Blueway Byway Skyway

Galvanized & painted steel
13’ x 12’ x 52’
Location: Happy Valley Greenway, Lenoir, NC
Commissioned by: North Carolina Arts Council Public Art & Community Design


Greenway Blueway Byway Skyway, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, provides seating-in-the-round on a painted steel platform cantilevered over the Yadkin River. Appearing like a discarded tentacle of a theme park ride, the work is engineered like a diving board, so that human movement gently rocks the platform above the water cascading over the rocks below. A playful hybrid of a bridge to nowhere, a scenic overlook, and a park bench, it’s been said to evoke the mood of a fireless campfire, where community and contemplation coexist effortlessly.

LINK TO LOCATION (navigate on map to find red map maker). There's a parking lot for the Greenway at the corner of Yadkin River Rd (Rt 1560) & NC-268.