One Puck Hollow

Opened November 26, 2016

Painted & unpainted stainless steel, LED lights, landscaping
4’ x 60’ x 60’
Location: Adjacent to the Great Plains Hockey Facility entrance
Commissioned by: Calgary Public Art

Integrated into the landscape adjacent to the entrance of Calgary’s Great Plains Hockey Facility, One Puck Hollow is the Facility’s third arena. The micro-amphitheater provides a gathering space for spectators and players. It references key features of the hockey rink— the face-off circle (the red rail is the same diameter as the face-off circle), the black face-off spot, and the boards separating the rink from the spectator. One Puck Hollow can range from a subtle infiltration in the landscape on a warm summer day to a vivid splash of color on a cold snow-covered winter night (Calgary’s first public art to leverage snow as an element of the work). The LED lights (hidden under the upper rail) illuminate the grass/snow below the rail and gradually change color based on the day’s average temperate in Calgary.  


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