CHroma Booster

Painted steel, stainless steel, mist, water, LED lights

55’ x 8’ x 8’
Location: Pedestrian plaza
between the El Paso Chihuahua’s Triple-A Baseball Stadium and the Music and Convention Centers
Commissioned by: El Paso Museums & Cultural Affairs Department Public Art Program

Selected for the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network 2016 Year in Review

Chroma Booster sits at the focal point of the new pedestrian plaza between Chihuahuas' Triple-A Baseball Stadium and the Music and Convention Centers. The 55-foot tall painted steel fountain, which includes mist, water, and light, celebrates the controlled chaos of the industrial infrastructure that both surrounds the site and dots the Texas landscape. The mist, which invites people to be engulfed in its cool, moist air, is in a constant state of flux, sensitive to the slightest changes in wind, temperature, and humidity. User-controlled push-button valves at the base of the sculpture operate a foot-cooling water-spray nozzle, and three overhead showerheads allow visitors to douse themselves with a refreshing shower. At night, lights illuminate the stainless steel collars and the wafting clouds of mist.

Water features operational March thru October

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LINK TO LOCATION (navigate on map to find red map maker) - Adjacent to Southwest University Stadium, N Santa Fe St & Main Drive, El Paso, TX 79901