Babble, Pummel & Pride

May 2006 - April 2008
Glass, steel, wood, water, pump, aircraft cable
25’ x 12’ x 18'
Location & Commissioned by: Evergreen House at John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Exhibition: Inside/Out
Curator: Julie Courtney

Like many historic houses, the grounds of Evergreen House at Johns Hopkins University are a shadow of the glorious past. The greenhouses are now only crumbing brick foundations, the formal gardens are mostly gone, and only one fountain dots the landscape. In a small gesture, Babble, Pummel & Pride tries to recapture the aspirations and enchantment these elements represented by combining a gazebo, porch swings and a fountain. The combining of these elements suggests, perhaps, that either things have gotten slightly out of hand or that you can't quite put things back the way they were.

Selected for the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network 2007 Year in Review